Monday, March 16, 2009

My New Blog

It has been over ten years since I last wrote fiction. After reading The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien in Junior High I was fascinated with genre fiction, specifically fantasy. So, I started writing my own stories, mostly novels. Unfortunately, I never had enough discipline to finish anything until I was in college. I learned, as many aspiring authors do, that editing as you write can start a cycle that prevents you from ever completing a novel. After all, something could always be improved. Therefore, I decided to plow through the novel until it was completed. That worked for me. And then it sat.

Occasionally I made changes but only for a couple years. I felt confident in my writing but I had less and less time to write. Then, life came along (career, family) and my writing sat for ten years, collecting dust. Until now.

During those ten years I occasionally felt the desire to write again but it never became strong enough to follow through until this month. I finally had a strong desire to write. First, I had to find my writing. My novel was boxed up along with many notes, maps and miscellaneous stories I did for college classes, but it took me several fearful days to find the electronic versions of my writing. Second, I had to revisit a world I had not seen for ten years. I look forward to seeing old friends again.

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