Saturday, April 25, 2009

Returning to Original Project

Fellow aspiring writer, Jeff Baerveldt, convinced me to not give up on my first novel project. I had only set it aside, but I did come to realize the source of my frustrations. I had made some changes to the story and characters but I did not complete the job of fully developing those characters and the world around them to match those changes. Thus, I need to go back to the world building aspect of that project.

I will still track my efforts as I progress through the project. I hope to include information of what steps I go through in order to complete the novel. This may include what world building aspects I completed on a specific day or what characterization I did. I had the thought also of tracking how much time I put into each of these. That may be more work than it's worth but I would be interested in knowing how much time goes into writing a novel.

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