Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Update

Last Week's Goals
I had some good brainstorming sessions for my outline last week. I'm still trying to get a good focus on a process for developing story ideas but I feel that I'm making progress at least.

My goals for next week:
  • Brainstorm sessions for outline
  • Work on Project: Life outline
  • Critiquing
I'm keeping the same primary goals from last week. However, I do need to find the discipline to work on those items more frequently during the week. Much of my excuse lately has been the Olympics. I've often gotten distracted in the evening watching TV. The Olympics are over soon so hopefully that will be one less distraction, maybe.

I will also help critique a fellow writer. This will be good for me also because we all need practice at editing so that we can better analyze our own work, difficult as it may be to turn off our emotions regarding our own work.

What did I learn this week?
Just keep writing. What I *need* to learn is discipline. This will be the hardest aspect for me. :(

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