Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Update

Last Week's Goals
Again, I am making good progress with my outline. Next week is my mini "writer's retreat" where I hope to sit down and write some of this book. I'm looking forward to that.

The brainstorm sessions have been good and just this morning I came up with a feature of the society that will help solve a problem I had with a scene I developed. Although this feature will solve one problem I had it adds some tension I did not have before between a couple characters, which is great.

I have one more critique I need to do that I was hoping to have already done so I really hope to get that done and returned tonight.

My goals for next week:
  • Brainstorm sessions for outline
  • Work on Project: Life outline
  • Critiquing
This week I intend to increase the detail of the specific scenes I want to write over my five day weekend next week. My goal is to get enough scenes fully detailed so that all I have to do is sit and write as many scenes as I can get through. This is the first time I've put so much detail in an outline so we'll see how that goes. Currently the outline is at 7,300 words, 4,000 of which details the first 25% of the book. I still have some work to detail some of the scenes in that first 25%. It would be so nice if I could actually get that first section done over the next weekend. If I can detail it enough perhaps that is a possibility.

What did I learn this week?
Not much in this section this week but next week I will test this outline as I finally start writing scenes. I'm hoping that I will get the detail I need in this outline so I can just sit and have fun writing. We'll see.

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