Thursday, May 28, 2009

Chapter One Completed

I completed chapter one last night. I removed a scene at the end because the ending to the second to last scene seems right for this chapter. The information I wanted to present from that deleted scene can go somewhere else without the novel suffering. The chapter ended at 3,350 words long, which gives me room to expand. I plan to have chapters average around 4,000 words or so.

I did a quick read of this rough draft and I like what I have so far. I mainly concentrated on the plot and inner conflicts for this draft. I did little to bring out the setting or world yet. I found as I wrote this chapter that I need to do some additional world building since I do not touch much upon the social aspect for these characters. This will become important later, but I did not want to stop the writing for that.

I don't have as good of an outline for chapters two and three but I will work on the scenes that I have and add to the chapters later. I want to try using three point-of-view characters for this book and these chapters are from those points of view. Since this is a new change I have not planned much for them yet. I wanted to dedicate one full chapter to each of them initially and see how things go from there.

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