Monday, May 4, 2009

Main Character Details Coming Together

I have gotten some good insight on my main character and the interaction with my main supporting role character. I still have work to do before I feel comfortable that I have a complete profiles. I am still getting ideas for the conflicts between the main character and this supporting role character. The dynamic I see between them has grown significantly and I hope to bring out that conflict as the story progresses.

I can say that I have enough knowledge of these two characters to begin working on a more detailed outline for the book. Mostly I will focus on the first one-third of the novel. I have a good scene by scene outline on what would be the first 36,000 or so words of this 100,000 word project. The characterization I am working on now will be quite prevalent in this section of the novel. With what I know now I think I can come up with a good start of the character arc of my main character.

If I get more plot details on this first one-third of the novel I may start writing that section and then characterize some of the characters that are introduced in the middle section. I can then flesh out the details of the plot for that section later. I'm eager to begin writing but I want to have a better idea of the character progression before I do so. With the details I have now I could certainly begin writing if I were more of an organic writer but I know I must be patient. All of my previous attempts failed because I didn't put enough efforts into the world building. I don't want to make those mistakes again.

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