Thursday, May 14, 2009

World Building Overload

I finally have a good feeling for the inner conflicts for my main character and the supporting role character. It is often suggested that you create desires (preferably mutually exclusive desires) within your characters which conflict with one another. I've struggled with the mutually exclusive part for some time. So, what I came up with is a strong single desire for each of these characters. However, they both have two mutually exclusive ways to accomplish those desires. I don't know if this will work as well as if I had two specific mutually exclusive desires. I'll have to wait an see.

Another thing I have found with the development (or re-development) of this novel is that I'm trying to plan this project out too much. I am going too deep into the world building and characterization. Right now I have a good understanding of what these characters' desires are but I am not going so deep that I have a complete history about how they became the way they are. I do have some general ideas that has led up to their desires but not too much detail on that history. I can always add to that history later.

For now I will stick with the general characterization that I have and proceed from there. Each author has his or her own way of preparing / writing and I still have not found what is best for me yet. A few steps forward; several steps back. I'm confident that I will eventually make forward progress.

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